The difference between reducer and inverter

The reducer is an organizational element that relies on power to drive. It requires a large torque during use, and the reducer can be used without requiring too much rotational speed.For example: conveyor belts, winches, automation special machines, etc. will be applied to the reducer.Because of the development of industry and the gradual automation of factories, the probability of using reducers is increasing.Generally speaking, there are many methods of deceleration, but the intention of deceleration is usually achieved by means of gears, which can greatly reduce the space occupied and cost.
A frequency converter is a device that can replace the power supply of different frequencies with a communication power supply, and is a device that completes the operation of the motor.In this way, the control of the entire main circuit is controlled. The rectifier circuit will exchange the AC power supply for the DC power supply, and the DC circuit will smooth the output current of the entire circuit.For example, the vector inverter needs to use a lot of frequency conversion operations, and in some cases, it needs to use torque for calculation.