How to deal with abnormal noise of hardened gear reducer

The abnormal noise of the hardened gear reducer must be caused by abnormality. When the uneven placement position is excluded, the rest is formed by internal faults. Next, let's understand the reasons for the faults and the solutions one by one:
  XNUMX. Reasons for abnormal noise of hardened gear reducer
  ①The coupler is damaged.When the coupler connected to the hardened gear reducer is damaged due to oil leakage, loose screws, etc., it will cause vibration and noise.
  ②The motor screw is loose.Similar to the coupler fault, when the motor oscillates for various reasons, the oscillation will be transmitted to the reducer, making the noise of the reducer louder.
  ③The bearing is severely worn; the gear is damaged.Gear damage includes severe pitting on the tooth surface, large gear meshing gap, severe gear tooth wear, and broken teeth. These gear wear conditions may cause noise due to large vibration.
  ④ Shaft deformation loses balance.When the strength and hardness of the shaft are lower than the requirements or aging due to long-term operation, the shaft will be deformed, and the deformation of the shaft will cause abnormal noise.
  Second, the method to deal with the abnormal noise of the hardened gear reducer
  ① The correct installation of the hardened gear reducer is an important measure to prevent abnormal noise, ensuring the installed speed and the installed speed ratio within the scale value, and planning methods to reduce or prevent the impact of the gear meshing pitch circle and ensure the mechanical equipment. normal work.
  ②Drain the degraded lubricating oil in the hardened gear reducer, clean it and replace the qualified lubricating oil.
  ③ Adjust the balance state; adjust the bearing clearance.
  The abnormal noise problem of the hardened gear reducer is solved, and the stable operation and the improvement of power are ensured.To deal with the problem, we must first find the cause of the problem, and then deal with the problem in a targeted manner, which is time-saving and good.