What are the precautions for adding the amount of reducer oil?

If the oil quantity is judged under the working condition of the reducer, the distance from the actual oil quantity is relatively large.The reducer manufacturer generally has a manual to standardize the oil amount of the worm gear reducer, and the oil amount is increased to 2/3 of the oil window.

And this data is in the shutdown state, pay attention: do not add lubricating oil when the worm gear reducer is working.During the working process of the worm gear reducer, the internal gears or the worm gear drive the internal lubricating oil to work together. If the amount of oil in the worm gear reducer is judged under this condition, it may be full, or it may be lower than 2/3 of the oil window, there may even be no lubricating oil left.

When the new reducer is used, the new oil needs to be replaced after 300 hours of continuous operation. After that, the oil needs to be changed every 2500 hours of use. However, the quality of the oil should be checked regularly during operation.

There are impurities, aging, deterioration, and must be replaced at any time.The reducer should use gear oil of a fixed brand and number, and should not mix oils of different brands, numbers or types.

Mixed use.During the oil change process, the inside of the reducer should be cleaned first, and then new oil should be injected.