Heat treatment of gear sprocket made of 45 gauge steel

according toSprocketGear requirements: If the impact force is small, surface carburizing, nitriding and other technologies can be carried out!In this way, the surface hardness is high, the matrix hardness is low, the wear resistance is good, and it is not easy to break.If the impact load is large, it is due to the quenching and tempering treatment, that is, high temperature tempering.

The quenching temperature of 45# steel is about 580 degrees, and the holding time has a formula. It should be based on your equipment, the size and shape of the workpiece, and then quenched, then tempered at a high temperature of about 500-600, air-cooled, and then heated for 200 Air cooling, this step is mainly to eliminate stress, and the precision of the gear will be guaranteed by him in the future, and then it will be finished!

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This type of steel usually has good strength, hardness, and toughness after heat treatment according to the requirements of use, or the surface is wear-resistant and the core has good toughness and impact resistance.