Analysis of the processing methods of different materials of sprockets and gears

ProductionSprocket,gearAccording to the application, the materials used are gray cast iron, low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, low carbon alloy steel, medium carbon alloy steel, etc. (HT20-40, HT25-47, HT30-54, 45# steel, 40Cr, 40MnB, 15, 20, 20Cr, 18CrMnTi, 35CrMo) The heat treatment of gears made of gray cast iron is stress relief annealing, and the gears made of low carbon steel It is carburizing and quenching, the gears of medium carbon steel are high-frequency quenching, some are tempered at medium temperature, and some are tempered at low temperature.In a word, different materials use different heat treatment methods to make gears and sprockets have high surface hardness and wear resistance, good core toughness, and good impact resistance.