The main failure mode of roller chain drive

SprocketThe main failure modes of chain drive are as follows:

(1) Fatigue failure of the chain plate Under the repeated action of the tension of the loose side and the tension of the tight side, the chain plate will suffer fatigue damage after a certain number of cycles.Under normal lubrication conditions, fatigue strength is the main factor limiting the load-carrying capacity of a chain drive.

(2) Impact fatigue failure of the roller sleeve The meshing impact of the chain drive is first borne by the roller and the sleeve.Under repeated impact, after a certain number of cycles, the rollers and sleeves will suffer impact fatigue damage.This failure form mostly occurs in medium and high-speed closed chain drives.

(3) Gluing of pin shaft and sleeve When the lubrication is improper or the speed is too high, the working surface of the pin shaft and the sleeve will be glued.Gluing defines the limit speed of the chain drive.

(4) Chain hinge wear After the hinge is worn, the chain link becomes longer, which is easy to cause tooth skipping or chain off.Open transmission, poor environmental conditions or poor lubrication and sealing can easily cause hinge wear, which drastically reduces the service life of the chain.

(5) Overload breaking This kind of breaking often occurs in the transmission of low speed heavy load or severe overload.