Processing technology included in the processing cycle of gears

Sprocket gear processingIt is an extremely complex process, and efficient production is only possible with the right technology, and every part of the production process must be extremely precise in size.

The processing cycle of gears includes ordinary turning processing → gear hobbing processing → gear shaping processing → gear shaving processing → hard turning processing → gear grinding processing → honing processing → drilling → inner hole grinding → welding → measurement, which is configured for this process. A suitable clamping system is particularly important. Next, we will introduce the gear clamping system in each process.

One: Ordinary car processing

In ordinary turning, gear blanks are usually clamped on vertical or horizontal turning machines.For automatic clamping fixtures, most do not need to install auxiliary stabilization device on the other side of the spindle.

Two: gear hobbing

Gear hobbing is a cutting process for the production of external gears, cylindrical gears, because of its outstanding economy.Gear hobbing is widely used not only in the automotive industry, but also in the manufacture of large industrial transmissions, but only if it is not limited by the outer contour of the workpiece being machined.

Three: gear shaping

Gear shaping, a process for processing gears, is mainly used when gear hobbing is not possible.This processing method is mainly suitable for the processing of internal teeth of gears, as well as the processing of external teeth of some structurally disturbed gears.

Four: shaving processing

Shaving is a finishing process for gears with a blade body corresponding to the tooth profile of the gear.This process has high production economy, so it has been widely used in industry.

Five: Hard turning

Hard turning makes it possible to replace expensive grinding processes.In order to make it work properly, each part of the system and the processing part are connected together correspondingly.The selection of the correct machine tools, fixtures and cutting tools determines the quality of the turning effect.

Six: Grinding

In order to successfully achieve the precision necessary in gear production today, hard finishing of the tooth flanks is in many cases essential.In mass production, a very cost-effective processing method.On the other hand, similar to sample machining, gear grinding offers greater flexibility when using adjustable grinding tools.

Seven: Honing processing

Honing is the process of final finishing hard gears using an amorphous cutting angle.The honing process is not only highly economical, but also enables the machined gear to have a smooth surface with low noise.Compared with grinding, the cutting speed of honing is very low (0,5 to 10 m/s), thus avoiding the damage of cutting heat on gear processing.More precisely, the internal stress generated on the processed tooth surface has a certain positive effect on the carrying capacity of the equipment.

Example of honing with flanged fixtures:

Eight: Drilling

Drilling is a rotary cutting process.The axis of rotation of the tool and the center of the hole to be machined are completely consistent in the axial direction, and are consistent with the feeding direction of the tool in the axial direction.The spindle of the cutting motion should be consistent with the tool, regardless of the direction of the feed motion.An example of drilling with the SG fixture system:

Nine: inner hole grinding

Bore grinding is a machining process with an amorphous cutting angle.Compared with other cutting processes, grinding has the advantages of high dimensional and forming accuracy, dimensional accuracy (IT 5-6), small vibration marks and high-quality surface accuracy (Rz = 1-3μm) for hard metals. .

Example of inner hole grinding with film clamping SM system:

Ten: Capacitor discharge welding

Capacitor discharge welding is a resistance welding process.Capacitive discharge welding is achieved by very fast current increases, relatively short welding times, and very high welding currents.Therefore, capacitor discharge welding has many advantages.For the ever-increasing energy prices, the economy and efficiency of capacitor discharge welding are particularly important.

Example of Capacitive Discharge Welding Using Welding Fixture System:

Eleven: Measurement

gearThe detection is very extensive, and it must be adjusted according to the different forms of gears.In the measurement of gears, various important parameters of gears are determined through the measurement of length, angle, and special gear process measurement.

Example of measurement with flanged SP fixture system: