HB series high power reducer

technical parameter:
1. Speed ​​ratio scale 1.25-450
2. Torque scale 2.6-900kN
3. Power scale 4-5000kW

HB series standard industrial reducer features:
1. The H and B high-power gear reducers adopt a general design scheme, and can be transformed into professional-specific gearboxes according to customer needs.
2. Realize parallel axis, orthogonal axis, vertical and horizontal general box, reduce the variety of parts and add specifications and models.
3. The sound-absorbing body structure, larger box surface area and large electric fan, cylindrical gear and spiral bevel gear are all selected with advanced grinding technology, so that the temperature rise of the whole machine, the noise reduction, the reliability of work are improved, and the transmission Power increases.
4. Input method: motor connection flange, shaft input.
5. Output method: solid shaft with flat key, hollow shaft with flat key, hollow shaft with shrink disk, hollow shaft with spline, solid shaft with spline and solid shaft with flange.
6. Installation method: horizontal, vertical, swing base, torsion arm.