Garage sprocket chain drive use and maintenance

Correct use and maintenance of chain drives have a decisive impact on reducing chain wear and increasing the service life of chain drives.Use and maintenance should pay attention to the following points:

1. Reasonable control of machining errors and assembly errors

Reasonable control of pitch error (difference between specified pitch and actual pitch) should be less than 2%;wheelThe offset between the tooth end faces (ie sprocket offset) should be less than 2% of the center distance; the two axes should be parallel, otherwise it will cause the skew of the rollers of the chain to the tooth surface, resulting in high unilateral pressure, resulting in Roller overloaded or chipped.

2. Reasonable lubrication

Good lubrication is beneficial to reduce wear, reduce friction losses, moderate shock and extend the life of the chain.

Select lubrication method according to chain speed and chain pitch

For open drive and chain drive that is not easy to lubricate, the chain can be removed regularly, first cleaned with kerosene, dried and then immersed in lubricating oil of 70 to 80 degrees for a while (the pin is placed vertically in the oil), and the hinge gap is exhausted as much as possible. After the air is filled with oil, take it out and cool it, wipe off the lubricating oil on the surface, install it and continue to use it.