Analysis of the characteristics of magnetic gear products dust-free environment

what isMagnetic gear?

Magnetic gear, also known as magnetic wheel, is a non-contact power transmission device using the principle of interaction between the attraction and repulsion of magnets.

Product Features Dust-free environment: Using magnetic force, in a non-contact state, torque transmission can be used to transfer products in a vacuum that requires a dust-free environment.

Low gas emission: In order to reduce gas emissions from large machines to vacuum machines, it can be used in an environment of 10-5PA according to special surface treatment.

Subwoofer: It has a subwoofer effect that is unimaginable in conventional transmission machines such as gears and conveyor belts.Can provide a clean and tidy production environment.

Torque limit function: If an abnormal load occurs, the two magnetic gears will rotate independently to realize the torque limit function.In addition, because it is a non-contact environment, there is no mechanical wear, so the service life of transmission tools such as conventional gears is longer.

Lower costs: No need to replace parts due to wear, reducing operating costs.Since the performance is not affected at all even if the vacuum standby is repeated repeatedly, the complicated design of the past is not required.