The principle and function of the hollow pin chain of agricultural machinery

The hollow pin chain is designed with a hyperbolic arc chain to reduce friction. It is used in places where the power is relatively large and the running speed is relatively slow. It has obvious advantages over belt drives, such as pneumatic compressors.


Compared with the roller chain, the toothed chain has a complex structure, is relatively heavy, expensive, stable in operation, and has a high impact capacity under load. It is not as widely used as the roller chain.Toothed chains are widely used in places where high speed or high motion accuracy is required.The toothed chain is mainly composed of stamped toothed chain plates connected by hinges. At the same time, the chain needs to have inner guide and outer guide guide plates to avoid chain drop. 3. The next step is to carry out hot chain knitting. Here, we must learn to operate the chain knitting equipment correctly, and pay special attention to the temperature control when the bar is heated. Only when the temperature reaches the specified value can the bar be transferred to the chain knitting machine. Chain processing.The two sides of the chain plate of the toothed chain are straight, and when working, the sides of the chain plate and theSprockettooth profile meshing.

RollerChainIt is mainly composed of five parts: inner chain plate, outer chain plate, pin shaft, sleeve and roller.