What is the difference between a worm gear reducer and a worm reducer?

There are two types of reducers: one is a worm gear reducer, and the other is a worm reducer.If you don't consider other factors, just looking at the term from the word, it seems to be only the difference between the two words worm gear. However, from a professional point of view, what are the similarities and differences between these two reducers?Next, we will lead you to distinguish the worm gear reducer and the worm reducer in this way.

Objectively speaking, the difference between a worm gear reducer and a worm reducer is not very big, and in some cases, people even forget the difference between them.But subjectively speaking, we must pay attention to the principle of worm reducer and worm gear reducer, its structure, its components and key components.For example, the most critical point is what is its active component.For the worm reducer, its active part is the worm. Since the worm is the active part, this is a detail issue that needs to be paid attention to. Similarly, the worm drive is also the most widely used transmission method for this type of reducer. This information is equally important .Whether it is a worm gear reducer or a worm reducer, they are all composed of a worm gear and a worm, but under the same point, we can also find their differences, one of the main differences is the worm gear. The precision of the worm reducer is very good, much better than the worm reducer, which can be regarded as a key difference.Then we start with the price. The price of the worm gear reducer is much more expensive than the price of the worm reducer. What is the reason for such a big difference in price? This is to observe the essence of the phenomenon and find the answer.