Analysis of motorcycle chain and sprocket replacement

motorcycle chain,SprocketIt is also important to replace the chain. First of all, the chain and sprocket must be replaced at the same time, because they are in the same working state. Only by replacing their gaps together can they be normal. Otherwise, a single replacement will shorten the service life.

Secondly, their wear resistance and tensile strength must be consistent, otherwise they will accelerate wear and tear, and the best way to ensure the consistency of these two is to replace the sleeve chain. The manufacturing process and anti-wear performance of the sleeve chain will be better. Install the chain and sprockets.

In addition, the installation and adjustment of the entire replacement process must be reasonable. If the installation and adjustment do not meet the regulations, no matter how good the chain is, it will not last long, and the chain and sprocket need to be regularly maintained in the later stage.

chain,SprocketIt is worth noting during the whole installation process that the size of the sprocket should be as consistent as possible with that of the original car, but if there is a performance requirement, it can also be adjusted by changing the size of the sprocket. It is stronger, and the front and rear small top speed will be higher, so the performance of the vehicle can be adjusted through this feature.