What materials are usually used for scraper conveyor sprockets?

SprocketThe component is the key part of the power drive of the scraper conveyor, and its wear resistance and strength determine the working efficiency of the entire fully mechanized mining face.The wear resistance and strength are determined by the material and heat treatment method.


Compared with 40CrMo, the 42CrNiMoA material adds Ni element, which improves its own plasticity and toughness, and improves the corrosion performance. When used in combination with Cr and Mo, it can improve the thermal strength and hardenability, and has good high-temperature oxidation resistance and oxidation resistance. Therefore, it is more suitable for the fully mechanized mining face with harsh environment and large coal mining volume.There are different requirements for sprocket main engine manufacturers of different specifications. The main engine manufacturers determine how to select sprocket materials according to the size of the coal mining volume of the fully mechanized mining face in different mining areas and the mine production environment, so as to meet the mine production requirements.