Introduction of several processing methods for large gears and large sprockets:

1. Milling teeth, this is the use of disc-shaped modulus milling cutters or finger-shaped milling cutter teeth, which belong to the forming processing method. The cross-sectional shape of the cutter teeth of the milling cutter and the shape of the gear teeth correspond to the two.This method is not only inefficient but also has low machining accuracy, and is suitable for small batch production of a single piece.

2. Form grinding is also processed by forming method, the grinding wheel is not easy to be corrected, and the usage amount is relatively small.

3. Gear hobbing, which is a kind of processing method, its working principle is similar to the mutual meshing of two helical teeth.

4. Shaving, which belongs to the finishing method, uses the shaving knife and the gear to be processed for free meshing motion. With the relative slip between the two, the finer chips can be removed from the tooth surface to improve the accuracy of the tooth surface. .The shaving teeth can also form crowned teeth to improve the location of the contact area of ​​the tooth flanks.

5. Gear shaping is a gear cutting process that can use the generating method more often than gear hobbing. When gear shaping, the gear cutter and the workpiece are similar to the meshing of a pile of cylindrical gears.The reciprocating motion of the gear shaper is its main motion, and the circular motion made by the gear shaper and the workpiece according to the proportional relationship is the given motion of the gear shaper.

6. The cutting motion of generation grinding gear is similar to gear hobbing, which belongs to the method used for finishing, especially hardened gear is a finishing method.It can be ground with a worm grinding wheel, and is also suitable for grinding with a conical grinding wheel or a butterfly grinding wheel.

7: Powder metallurgy gears are more suitable for mass production. They are processing methods with high precision and low noise, and have the characteristics of high efficiency and low cost.The metal powder that has been mixed is pressed into the prepared mold by a professional press to form a metallurgical blank, which is sintered at high temperature.Among them, the stainless steel powder metallurgy gear can be sintered in a vacuum furnace, and then machined after soaking in anti-rust oil.