Grinding and milling of sprockets

1. Grinding teeth

Grinding is the most efficient and reliable way to obtain high precision gears.Developed countries use hard-toothed gears, and grinding has become the main processing method for high-precision gears.At present, the grinding accuracy of disc grinding wheel and large flat grinding wheel can reach DIN2 level, but the efficiency is very low.The grinding precision of the worm grinding wheel reaches DIN3~4 grade, and the efficiency is high. It is suitable for grinding the teeth of medium and small modulus gears, but the grinding wheel correction is more complicated.The main problems of gear grinding are inefficiency and high cost, especially for large size gears.Therefore, improving the grinding efficiency and reducing the cost is the main research direction at present.New technologies in gear grinding in recent years include:

(a) Double-sided grinding method;

(b) High-efficiency grinding of cubic boron nitride grinding wheels;

(c) Continuous profile gear grinding technology and ultra-high-speed grinding technology.

2. Milling teeth

Milling gear is processed by forming methodgear, the truncated shape of the tool is the same as the shape of the tooth slot of the machined gear, the tool feeds in the direction of the tooth slot of the gear, one tooth slot is milled, after the processed gear is indexed, the second tooth slot is milled, and the tooth pitch of the gear is milled. The distance is controlled by indexing.Since the shape of the tooth slot of the gear is related to the number of teeth, the correction amount, and even the tooth thickness tolerance of the gear, it is difficult to realize that the tooth shape of the tool and the tooth slot of the processed gear are the same in the forming method.For gears with large modules, the milling production efficiency is higher, and milling is widely used for rough cutting.