Machining Analysis Cast Sprocket

CastingSprocketMainly used in largeProcessing of sprockets,加工时只加工齿圈、凸缘两端面、外径和内径及键槽,然后再加工齿形。环链轮都是铸造的。铸造链轮的材料一般有两种,铸铁和铸钢如HTl5O、HT2O0和ZG310-570(ZG45)。

  The welded structure is mainly used in the processing of medium and large size single and double flange sprockets.During processing, the flange part is formed into a convex shape by a bar car.The ring gear part can be machined with the outer diameter and the shaft hole after cutting the plate.When welding, both ends should be welded, and low-hydrogen electrodes such as T506 electrodes should be used.

  Forged sprockets are mainly used in the production of medium and large-sized sprockets with large forces.When forging, whether it is a single-flange type or a double-flange type, it is generally forged into a convex shape, leaving enough machining allowance for the shaft hole, the material utilization rate is low, and the cost is high.

  SprocketDuring processing, the convex material is processed into a convex shape.The part of the ring gear can be cut out of the plate for processing the outer diameter and the shaft hole, and the end with the hole needs to be connected to the part of the flange and then welded.When welding, do not only weld one side, but both sides should be welded.Both the large chain and the small sprocket are stamped and formed with high-quality carbon structural steel, and the tooth shape is more precise by adopting advanced milling tooth processing technology.