The tooth shape of the spiral bevel gear is an arc shape and its specification and model analysis

There are diameters 10mm-1600mm, modules 1-36 modules, and the precision grades of spiral bevel gears are GB5-GB8.According to the design method, processing method and processing equipment of the spiral bevel gear, the spiral bevel gear can be divided into the German Klingenberg spiral bevel gear, the American Gleason spiral bevel gear, and the Swiss Olinkon spiral bevel gear. Known as Klingberg helical bevel gears, Gleason helical bevel gears and Oerincon helical bevel gears.There are some minor differences between these different types of helical bevel gears, but there are still many similarities in the main parameters.According to the different application environments of spiral bevel gears, various parameters are also very different. According to different use environments, spiral bevel gears can be divided into centrifugal separator series spiral bevel gears, vertical coal mill spiral bevel gears, Textile machinery series spiral bevel gears, reducer series spiral bevel gears, automobile variable speed transmission series spiral bevel gears, steel rolling machinery series spiral bevel gears, mining machinery series spiral bevel gears, wheel loader series spiral bevel gears, side mixer series spiral bevel gears Bevel gear, DCY reducer spiral bevel gear, DBY reducer spiral bevel gear, spiral bevel gear for universal milling head, wire drawing machine series spiral bevel gear, cement vertical mill spiral bevel gear, oil field drilling rig series spiral bevel gear, construction machinery series Spiral bevel gears, high frequency welded pipe helical bevel gears, stainless steel welded pipe helical bevel gears, pipe-making machinery helical bevel gears, cold-former series helical bevel gears, hard-toothed helical bevel gears and other series of helical bevel gears.