Analysis of the selection principle of sprocket material:

SprocketMaterial selection principle:

The sprocket material should meet the strength and wear resistance requirements.In low speed, light load or smooth transmission, the sprocket can be made of low and medium carbon steel; when there is no severe impact at medium speed and medium load, it is quenched with medium carbon steel, and its tooth surface hardness HRC>40~45; For heavy-duty or continuous-duty transmissions, use low-carbon alloy steel surface carburizing and quenching or medium carbon alloy steel surface quenching.At low speed, light load and a large number of teeth, cast iron sprockets not lower than HT150 are also allowed.Since the number of engagements of the small sprocket is more than that of the large sprocket, the material requirements are also higher than that of the large sprocket. When the large sprocket is made of cast iron, the small sprocket is usually made of steel.