German-made Wera WERA rolling machine process features:

German Vera WERA rolling machine process features:

German Vera WERA rolling machine has high processing accuracy, and the machining accuracy of gear rolling can reach DIN5-7 level; German Vera WERA rolling machine surface roughness: Rz2-3;

German Vera WERA rolling machine is highly flexible: one rolling machine can process internal teeth and external teeth;

High efficiency: Germany Vera WERA rolling machine changeover time: within 30 minutes, just change the tool, chuck, conveyor belt mask and call out the processing program;

The tool consumption cost is low, and it can be re-grinded many times (15-20 times) for reuse.Dry machining without coolant, saving production costs and reducing points of failure.The machine tool is clean and environmentally friendly, and no cleaning is required after processing.Pneumatic clamping (air source 5 bar), no hydraulic system required, saving production costs.

The German Vera WERA rolling machine is convenient for online production: the machine tool loading and unloading conveyor belt can be left, right or through (need to be confirmed in advance);

Simple operation, no need for professionals; high automation: full processing Chinese-English-German information prompts, lights (three-color lights), page fault alarms and troubleshooting prompts, the operator only needs to place and collect the workpiece;

Convenient maintenance: The front, rear, left and right sides of the machine tool are equipped with electromechanical interlocking protection doors, which are respectively used for the maintenance of the processing area, automation area, and spindle area at the rear of the machine. Maintenance personnel can easily access all units inside the machine tool;

The unique technology of rolling machine:

①You can optimize the tooth direction (the intersection of the pitch cylinder and the flank tooth surface), the taper and the bulging amount by adjusting the machining parameters of the machine tool without updating the tool.

②The problem usually encountered in the processing of internal and external gears is that the batches of blanks and the stability of the materials are different, and the gear machine addition meets the requirements of the drawings, but the changes after heat treatment are large, such as the over-tolerance of the drum shape, etc., the tool size needs to be modified, resulting in additional losses.The Wera insert rolling machine can process the tooth profile change after heat treatment in advance, and it can also try to cut the sample for many times until it meets the technical requirements after heat treatment, but there is no need to design and manufacture tools separately.