The processing of sprocket gear tooth surface can be divided into forming method processing and generating method processing.

The processing of sprocket gear tooth surface can be divided into forming method processing and generating method processing

1. Tooth surface forming method processing:

The forming method of the tooth surface refers to the use of forming tools to process the workpiece.Gears made in this way are less accurate and can only be used in low-speed motion environments.The common processing methods of forming method include tooth milling, forming tooth shaping, tooth pulling, and forming tooth grinding, among which the most commonly used is tooth milling.Gear milling refers to the method of directly cutting gears on a milling machine with a forming gear milling cutter.The processing characteristics of milling teeth are convenient processing and low cost, but their productivity and precision are also relatively low.

2. Tooth surface generation method processing:

Generation processing refers to the method of processing by using workpiece and tool to generate cutting motion.He uses the meshing motion of the gear pair to realize the cutting of the tooth profile.The common processing methods of generation method are gear hobbing, gear shaping, gear shaving, gear honing, gear grinding, etc., among which gear hobbing and gear shaping are the most commonly used.The generation method processing requires a professional gear processing machine, and the processing accuracy is high.

Hobbing: Hobbing gears can be regarded as gears and racks with no meshing clearance.When the hobbing gear rotates once, it is equivalent to the rack moving one tooth in the normal direction.Gear hobbing is the most widely used gear cutting method at present. It can process involute gears, arc gears, cycloidal gears, sprockets, ratchets, worm gears and enveloping worms, and the accuracy can generally reach DIN4~7 grades.At present, the advanced technology of gear hobbing includes multi-head hob hobbing, hard tooth surface hobbing technology, large gear hobbing technology, high-speed gear hobbing technology, etc.

Gear Shaping: Gear shaping is especially suitable for machining internal gears and multi-stage gears.After using special tools and accessories, it can also process silent sprockets, ratchets, internal and external splines, toothed pulleys, sector gears, incomplete tooth gears, special toothed couplings, racks, face gears and taper gears.At present, advanced gear shaping technology includes multi-tool head gear shaping technology, microcomputer numerical control gear shaping machine, hard tooth surface gear cutting technology, etc.