Precautions in use of double pitch sprocket

Double pitchSprocketAfter a long time of use, the lubrication will be lacking, which will increase the wear and tear and damage the service life of the chain sprocket.Oiling Only add oil on the chain sprocket, but not too much to prevent spraying to ensure that the chain sprocket is not oily. This is a good oiling method.

Chain sprockets are applied to various conveying machinery to provide power transmission for the use of machinery, which is the basis for the normal use of transmission tools, and transmission tools are the basis for the normal operation of each production line, so the sprocket is important for industrial production in various industries. are very important.So choosing a manufacturer is also very important.As a result, the double-pitch sprocket is easily damaged during use.

Therefore, the double-pitch sprocket manufacturer usually reminds the buyer that the first is to develop a good habit of using the sprocket. Lack of oil, etc.The second is to pay attention to the environmental problems used by the sprocket