Influence of chain deformation on chain pocket wear of sprocket shaft group

chain deformation pairSprocketInfluence of shaft group chain socket wear

At present, with the advancement of science and technology, the domestic fully mechanized coal mining face is also developing in the direction of heavy-duty and technology.At the same time, the tasks undertaken by the scraper conveyor are getting heavier and heavier. Under severe working conditions, the breakage and deformation of the chain and the wear of the chain pocket of the sprocket shaft group are still the main parts of the scraper conveyor that are prone to failure.Heavy loads exacerbate the transmission load on the chain and sprockets, making the problem even more acute when they come into contact with each other.

The wear process of the chain pocket of the sprocket shaft group of the scraper is the dynamic load meshing process under the sliding of the sprocket and the chain.During the working process, the chain is deformed under the action of pulling force, and the deformation directly affects the contact state with the chain pocket, which leads to the wear of the chain pocket of the sprocket shaft group.

In response to this phenomenon,sprocket manufacturerKnown from test results and customer information.The influence of the chain on the chain nest: under the same load, the cross-section of the chain jumps larger and the deformation is smaller; the same chain deforms differently under different loads, and as the load increases, the difference between the major and minor axes of the deformation ellipse increases.