Analysis of chain drive and shaft drive

The biggest advantage of chain drive is that it is cheap and widely applicable, and when the engine is braking, because the chain has many gaps, it can absorb vibration.

The chain drive efficiency is about 90%.The disadvantage is that the friction between the chain and the gear is easy to make the chain loose, the gear is worn out, and the noise is high!

The difference between the shaft drive and the chain drive is: the shaft drive, because the rotation direction of the shaft is perpendicular to the forward direction of the car, there will be a lateral torque when rotating, which makes the car tilt in the opposite direction of the rotation of the shaft. The higher the speed, the greater the torque!

AndSprocketAs soon as the rotation direction of the vehicle reaches the forward direction of the car, the torque generated only lifts the front of the car upwards, which has little effect on high-speed driving.

The chain drive is characterized by relatively cheap cost, simple maintenance, not durable (the transmission efficiency will be elongated and reduced), and requires frequent lubrication and maintenance (cleaning and adjusting the length of the chain). Of course, the overall life of the belt drive is still much longer. .