Use and care of stainless steel sprockets and chains:

stainless steelSprocketAnd the use and care of the chain:

The tightness of the chain is important, do not be too tight or too loose, which will damage the chain.

1. Non-ions are extremely harmful to stainless steel sprockets.In the passivation process, the chloride ion content in the passivation solution should be strictly controlled, and the chemical materials used for passivation have quantitative requirements for chloride ions.

2. The stainless steel chain should be kept clean to prevent sunlight exposure and rain soaking, and avoid contact with substances such as acid and alkaline organic solvents.

3. The passivation film of the stainless steel chain should be cleaned regularly during use, and the harmless substances should be permanently attached to the surface to ensure that the passivation products do not adhere to chloride ions and avoid future troubles.

4. When the chain is seriously worn, it should be replaced with a new chain and other parts to ensure good results.

5. The chain should be lubricated in time during work to make the chain work smoother and faster and reduce wear and tear.

6. The distance and time of stainless steel washing is also the key. In order to ensure its application effect and not affect the entire work process, it is necessary to regularly inspect and clean the stainless steel chain.

Stainless steel sprocket cleaning dirt and daily care knowledge; in the face of the rapid development of the times, stainless steel sprocket has been an indispensable part of the machinery industry, but the daily care of stainless steel sprocket has attracted everyone's attention; today, the editor is fortunate I will accompany you to talk about the cleaning and daily care of stainless steel sprockets; when the stainless steel sprockets are not in use, machinery or paver should be used for long-term maintenance, maintenance and maintenance should be careful not to damage the parts of the machine itself, so as to use Our machinery and equipment are more and more durable.The maintenance of stainless steel sprockets is particularly important.

The stainless steel sprocket must be kept clean to maintain the performance of the stainless steel sprocket. If the performance of the stainless steel sprocket cannot be maintained, it will cause the wear of the stainless steel sprocket or the damage of the stainless steel sprocket, which is very unfavorable to us. It is mainly used in bicycles, motorcycles and some transmission machinery and equipment.

Every time you use the paver in rainy or humid weather, you should pay attention to cleaning the stainless steel sprocket and chain. The chains we use are usually stainless steel chains. Under normal conditions, you are not afraid of rainwater, but the rainwater is mixed with Dust and impurities, especially mud, are often assisted in the stainless steel sprocket, so that the wear of the stainless steel sprocket is increased, and the teeth may be broken or the gears may become loose over time.

 When we clean the stainless steel sprocket or chain, we should clean it with a clean cloth. Do not use a wet cloth. Some cloths can wipe the outer parts, so we also need to cooperate with the toothbrush for overall cleaning. To the center stop cleaning, so as to maintain the overall cleanliness of the stainless steel sprocket.