The principle and dynamic display of sprocket chain transmission

The chain drive is a meshing drive, and the average transmission ratio is accurate.It uses a chain withSprocketThe meshing of gear teeth is a mechanical transmission that transmits power and motion.The chain length is expressed in the number of links.

The number of chain links is preferably taken as an even number, so that when the chain is connected into a ring, the outer chain plate and the inner chain plate are just connected, and the joint can be locked with a spring clip or a split pin.If the number of links is odd, transition links are required.When the chain is in tension, the transition links are also subject to additional bending loads, which should generally be avoided.

Both sides of the tooth profile of the sprocket shaft face are arc-shaped to facilitate the entry and exit of the chain link.The sprocket teeth should have sufficient contact strength and wear resistance, so the tooth surface is mostly heat treated.The meshing times of the small sprocket is more than that of the large sprocket, and the impact force is also larger, so the material used should generally be better than that of the large sprocket.

Advantages of chain drive: Compared with belt drive, there is no elastic sliding and slipping phenomenon, the average transmission ratio is accurate, the work is reliable, and the efficiency is high; the transmission power is large, the overload capacity is strong, and the transmission size under the same working conditions is small; the required tension force Small, the pressure acting on the shaft is small; it can work in harsh environments such as high temperature, humidity, dust and pollution.

Disadvantages of chain drive: it can only be used for transmission between two parallel shafts; high cost, easy to wear, easy to elongate, poor transmission stability, additional dynamic load, vibration, impact and noise during operation, not suitable for rapid reverse in transmission.

Finally, look at a few slightly more complicated chain drive diagrams: