Parametric modeling of gears based on hobbing errors

PrecisiongearAs the key core components of aerospace transmission system, precision machine tool headstock and automobile transmission, it is required to have the characteristics of high precision retention, long service life and high reliability.At present, the machining accuracy, quality and life of gears in my country are difficult to meet the performance requirements of high-end gears. Many high-end gears used in high-end equipment must rely on imports, and the precision machining technology of foreign gears imposes some restrictions on our country. In view of this situation, It is urgent to study the error factors in the process of gear machining, to compensate for the error, and finally to realize the machining and manufacturing of high-precision gears.This paper first introduces the classification of gear machining errors, and reveals the reasons for gear machining errors according to the principle of gear meshing. changed.This paper focuses on analyzing and calculating the eccentricity error, spindle rotation error, machine tool transmission chain error and tool error in the process of gear hobbing. theoretical basis is provided.Secondly, the influence of hob installation error on gear accuracy is analyzed, and starting from the principle of gear hobbing, the tooth profile equation of the gear is obtained by using the method of coordinate transformation, and the three-dimensional model of the gear is obtained by UG modeling.Finally, the secondary development of UG is carried out based on the development platform of VS2010, and the parametric modeling of gears considering the installation error of the hob is realized.It is a development trend of accurate modeling to consider various errors to carry out parametric modeling of gears, which can accurately compare the changes of gear models with machining errors added.Static contact for four different gear meshing models with different errors