Explain: the connection method of four series of reducer and motor

Four series of gear reducers: R series, K series, F series, S series are the four most commonly used gear reducers.It has a long application time and a wide range of applications, and plays an important role in the reducer industry.The following editor will explain to you the connection method of the four series of reducers and motors:

Generally speaking, when customers purchase four series of reducers, they will purchase them together with the motor.At this time, the production is arranged, and the direct connection between the motor and the reducer is generally used.The interface of the reducer is a standard interface, and the interface of the motor is made into a non-standard size according to the standard of the reducer (the standard motor size cannot be directly connected with the reducer), and then directly connected and assembled.
The other is that the motor remains unchanged, with a motor flange connected to the reducer.This situation is generally due to the special requirements of customers, which can be used when customizing non-standard products.

It is suggested that the direct connection can be used for direct connection. In comparison, the direct connection is more stable than the flange connection.