Maintenance of machining equipment such as sprockets

1. Before machining, wipe the machining equipment, lubricate and refuel according to the regulations, make sure that each part is free of oil, air and oil, and clean the debris, sundries and dirt around the machining equipment.

2. Clean the guide rails, transmission parts and exposed parts of the equipment.

3. When processing, pay attention to whether the temperature, pressure, liquid level, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, instrument signals, and safety insurance of the equipment are normal.

4. Regularly check the technical status of each component of the equipment, tighten the loose parts, and adjust the matching clearance.Check interlocks, safety devices.To achieve normal transmission sound, safe and reliable.

5. Regularly clean the oil line, dust-proof felt, oil filter, add oil or change the oil in the oil tank.Check the hydraulic system to ensure that the oil is clean, the oil circuit is smooth, there is no leakage, and there is no abrasion.