Installation requirements and precautions of drive sprocket

Installation requirements

①According to the model specification, select the correct model of the transmission sprocket.

② Check whether the position where the transmission sprocket is installed (transmission output countershaft, hub, etc.) is in good condition, otherwise it is necessary to overhaul or replace the relevant parts.

③ Install the main and driven sprockets in place according to the correct method, and tighten the fasteners to meet the specified torque requirements.

④ After installing the transmission chain and adjusting the tightness, check whether the chain and the sprocket are smooth and coplanar, and there is no interference with the chain cover.

Things to note

①SlaveSprocketAnti-loosening measures should be taken.

②After the driven sprocket is loaded, the rear axle should be adjusted by the adjuster and the rear cradle (also called the rear wheel fork), which can not only prevent the rear wheel from deviating, but also avoid the early stage of the sprocket and the chain. wear.

SprocketIt is best to replace the chain and the chain at the same time. If only one of them is replaced, it will aggravate the wear on both sides.

④Due to the high speed of the driving sprocket and the small number of teeth, under the same conditions, it wears faster than the driven sprocket, which is a normal situation.

⑤ Regularly clean and lubricate the transmission chain and transmission sprocket to improve its service life