Chains fail due to wear during use

ChainFailure due to wear during use

If the chain material used is not very good, the chain will often fail due to wear and tear.After the chain is worn out, the length will increase, and it is likely that the teeth will jump or the chain will come off during use.The wear of the chain is usually in the center of the outer link. If the pin and the sleeve are worn out, the gap between the hinges will increase, and the length of the outer connection will also increase.The distance of the inner chain link is generally affected by the same side busbar between the rollers. Since it is generally not worn, the length of the inner chain link is generally not increased.Assuming that the length of the chain is increased to a certain range, there may be a case of off-chain, so its wear resistance is very important when the chain is produced.

In addition, the chain is glued, statically pulled and broken during use, as well as frequent starting, braking and other actions will affect its performance, which may lead to chain failure.In order to reduce the occurrence of problems, chain manufacturers should be very careful when consuming products to ensure product quality and reduce the probability of failure.