Six common sense of cycloid reducer

Summary: six common sense of cycloid reducer
Cycloid reducer can be widely used in petroleum, environmental protection, chemical industry, cement, transportation, textile, pharmaceutical, food, printing, lifting, mining, metallurgy, construction, power generation and other industries. Six common sense of wheel reducer!

1. Large transmission ratio  

2. High transmission efficiency  
The cycloidal pinwheel reducer adopts rolling meshing in the meshing part of the tooth surface of the machine, and there is no relative sliding when gnawing and closing the surface, and the general efficiency can be above 90%.  
3. Easy to maintain  
Models below #6125 use high-grade grease that does not keep food safe.  
4. Small size and light weight  
The cycloid reducer adopts the principle of planetary transmission, the input shaft and the output shaft are on the same axis, and has the unique feature of being directly connected with the motor, so that the size of the model can be obtained as small as possible.Therefore, the cycloid reducer has the characteristics of small size, compact structure and light weight.Compared with the ordinary two-stage cylindrical gear reducer, the volume can be reduced by more than 2/3; the weight can be reduced by more than 1/3.

5. Easy disassembly and assembly, easy maintenance  
Due to the reasonable structure design of the cycloid reducer, the simple disassembly and assembly is convenient for maintenance, the number of parts used is small, and the lubrication is also very simple.  
6. Long life and low noise  
Due to the principle of planetary transmission, the gnawing number of the oscillating needle teeth during operation is large, and the overlapping coefficient is large, and the overall body runs in a balanced manner. The main parts are made of bearing steel after quenching and fine grinding, so Low noise and long life during operation.