Sprocket and rack processing factory analyzes the processing method of rack

rackDivided intoStraight tooth rackHelical rack, respectively paired with spur gears and helical gears; the tooth profile of the rack is a straight line rather than an involute (for the tooth surface, it is a plane), which is equivalent to an infinite cylindrical gear with an indexing circle radius.

main feature:
1. Since the tooth profile of the rack is a straight line, each point on the tooth profile has the same pressure angle, which is equal to the inclination angle of the tooth profile, which is called the tooth profile angle.

2. Any straight line parallel to the tooth top line has the same tooth pitch and modulus.

3. The straight line parallel to the tooth top line and the tooth thickness equal to the slot width is called the index line (center line), which is the reference line for calculating the rack size.


1. Whether the gear runout, full tooth depth, common normal, and tooth direction are qualified, and whether the one-tooth swing and the circumferential error are out of tolerance.

2. Whether the installation distance of the gear and rack is appropriate after installation.

3. The meshing clearance of the rack and gear should be 0.25 modulus.

4. Whether the full tooth depth, runout, common normal, especially the tooth direction of the rack is qualified.

(1) Gear hobbing machine: it can process helical teeth with modules below 8

(2) Milling machine teeth: straight racks can be processed

(3) Gear shaping machine: it can process straight teeth below 10 molds

(4) Cold punching machine: it can be processed without chips

(5) Gear planing machine: can process 16-module large gears

(6) Precision cast teeth: cheap pinions can be processed in large quantities

(7) Gear grinding machine: it can process the gears on the precision mother machine

(8) Casting gear of die-casting machine: most non-ferrous metal gears are processed

(9) Gear shaving machine: It is a kind of metal cutting for gear finishing

Gear hobbing machine features:

(1) It is suitable for batch, small batch and single-piece production of cylindrical helical gears and worm gears, and can still hob and cut flower shafts within a certain range of horizontal gear hobbing machine parameters.

(2) Easy to adjust, with automatic parking mechanism

(3) With reliable safety devices and automatic lubrication, gear hobbing machine is the most widely used machine tool in gear processing machine tools. It can cut spur gears and helical gears on gear hobbing machines, as well as worm gears and sprockets. Wait.


The characteristics of the milling machine's teeth: according to the number of gear teeth, the tool number of the gear cutter is selected, which is generally processed on horizontal milling.Position it with the gear hole (if it is a gear shaft, it should be positioned with the important shaft surface of the gear shaft), and tighten it on the indexing head.The radial infeed is equal to the full height of the tooth, that is, the radius of the tip circle minus the radius of the root circle.After milling 1 tooth, index, and then mill adjacent teeth until all the teeth are machined.