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The mechanical sprocket is a toothed wheel-shaped mechanical part that meshes with the chain and can only achieve the effect of the chain. With the continuous development of our industry, the use of the sprocket is becoming more and more extensive. A sprocket is also a solid or spoked gear that meshes with a (roller) chain to transmit motion.Mechanical sprockets are used in chemical, textile machinery, food processing, instrumentation and petroleum industries.The chain can smoothly enter and limit the meshing with the sprocket teeth, the mechanical sprocket teeth are evenly stressed, not easy to disengage, and the tooth shape is easy to process. The national standard adopted is GB/T1234-1997. z The shape of the tooth slot on the small end face and its limit parameters, as well as the curves that make up the tooth slot should be connected smoothly without specifying the specific tooth shape. There are many standard tooth shape curves that can meet these requirements. Arc straight" tooth shape.