A Brief Analysis of the Machining Method of Large Module Racks

rackIt is one of the important basic transmission parts in the gear transmission.The level of its bearing capacity and service life is an important symbol of the technical level of rack manufacturing.For the large-modulus racks in the existing mining equipment and metallurgical equipment such as forging and rolling, the tooth shape accuracy adopts the national standard (GB1009-88) 8-level 9-level medium precision level, and the tooth surface hardness adopts the medium hardness of HB (350, The tooth surface roughness Ra is required to be 3. 2 1. 6 ym. This kind of large-modulus rack and tooth profile finishing can fully meet the requirements of product design drawings by milling. In recent years, hard tooth surfaces have appeared in some special products. Rack. The tooth profile accuracy of this type of rack adopts a relatively high precision level equivalent to the national standard (GB1009-88) 7 grades and 8 grades, the tooth surface hardness is above HRC55, and the tooth surface roughness Ra requires 0 ym. For As far as the finishing of the tooth profile of the large modulus hard tooth surface is concerned, it is limited by the processing size of the existing grinding equipment. At present, special high-hardness carbide tools are used to mill the finishing tooth profile, which is expensive and low in processing efficiency.