Error Analysis and Compensation of CNC Power Skiving Machining

In the process of CNC power skiving, aiming at the problem of low machining accuracy caused by the coupling of various errors of the skiving machine, based on the meshing principle of space staggered axis helical gears, a mathematical model of internal tooth cylindrical gear power skiving is established.By comparing the tooth surface equation containing the error with the theoretical tooth surface equation, the variation law of the error of each adjustment parameter of the machine tool and the normal deviation of the full tooth profile is obtained. Error compensation method for tooth profile error sensitivity coefficient matrix.The feasibility of the method proposed in this paper is verified by a calculation example of scraping machining of an internal cylindrical gear.The research results show that the tooth profile deviation caused by the error of the adjustment parameters of the machine tool has been compensated and corrected with high precision, which effectively improves the machining accuracy of the strong skiving.