Transmission sprocket selection is subject to scientific calculation

transmissionSprocketChoose to go through scientific calculations

Chain drive speed (corresponding toSprockettransmission ratio), tension or lifting force of the chain (corresponding to the weight of the workpiece, number of chain rows), tightening method (corresponding to the length of the chain), protective cover (to protect the safety at work), installation and removal (whether it is convenient for customers Repair or replacement) Note: (1) In chain drive, the larger the pitch P, the larger the size, weight and bearing capacity of the chain, but the larger the chain pitch p, the more obvious the polygon effect of the chain, resulting in The greater the shock, vibration and noise. (2) The number of teeth of the small sprocket affects the stability and service life of the chain drive.The smaller the number of teeth of the small sprocket, the greater the unevenness of the movement speed and the greater the load; if the number of teeth of the small sprocket is too large, the outline size and weight will increase, and it is easy to cause tooth skipping and de-chaining.In addition, chain speed affects transmission smoothness and life.The higher the chain speed, the more obvious the polygon effect, and the larger the corresponding dynamic load.