Analyze the versatility of sprockets and the performance characteristics of sprockets

life is inseparableSprocketSo how much do we understand him? Now let's have a general understanding of its performance.

The first is the selection of sprocket materials; the large and small sprockets of different models are stamped and formed with high-quality carbon structural steel.

Furthermore, the processing and processing technology of the sprocket; it generally adopts advanced milling processing technology, which makes the tooth shape more precise.After processing, the whole sprocket is subjected to quenching and tempering heat treatment. After heat treatment, its molecular structure changes, which greatly improves its comprehensive mechanical properties. The tooth shape hardness will reach 68-72HRA or more, which significantly improves the wear resistance of the sprocket.The surface has been sprayed and electroplated.Machined, heat-treated and surface-treated to make the sprocket stronger and more durable.