How to determine the sprocket of a chain-driven roller conveyor?

Generally, first determine the diameter of the drum, the installation distance, and determine the torque according to the size of the goods
1. First select the deceleration motor, determine the parameters such as torque speed, reduction ratio, etc. The driving wheel and the passive wheel are selected the same, and the deceleration is all handed over to the deceleration motor;
2. Select the chain specification according to the load chain speed;
3. According toSprocketThe size of the sprocket is selected for the motor position, and the factors to be considered are: chain specification, installation space, sprocket wrap angle, etc. Generally, 17-21 teeth are enough.The number of teeth is small, the sprocket is small, the polygon effect causes the transmission to be unstable, and the number of teeth takes up space;
4. ChooseSprocketShaft and installation method, general clearance fit, flat key connection + set screw;
5. Draw a picture and find a factory for processing.The material and surface treatment can refer to the design manual.You can also buy a similar one in the market, and the chain drive has high fault tolerance.