Common faults and troubleshooting methods of chain sprockets:

ChainSprocketCommon faults and troubleshooting methods:

1. The cause of the front chain jitter of the chain sprocket is that the chain is too loose, the load is too large, or one or more links are inflexible.The solution is to install a chain tensioner or an adjustable center distance to reduce the load if possible.

2. The tension of the chain sprocket is related to the sagging distance of the loose edge of the chain.For horizontal and inclined transmissions with adjustable center distance, the sag of the loose edge of the chain should be 2% of the left stone of the center distance.The centerline is vertically driven or subjected to vibration loads, and the reverse drive should make the chain more tensioned.

3. The chain sprockets do not fit well, it may be that the chain is worn and the pitch is elongated. If there is a tooth skipping phenomenon, the chain should be replaced in time.Also replace the sprocket if worn to avoid damaging the new chain.

4. 链条链轮的后轴的平行性与链轮的共面性对于磨损寿命来讲,链条的性能在很大程度上取决于前后轴和链轮的安装是否正确。其要求是:前后轴的平行度在1/300以内。前后轮的共面性在0.5—1.0mm/米。