Oil supply selection in transmission

Oil supply selection in gear transmission

1. There are many concepts in the selection of fuel supply for gear transmission in various countries.Parallel application of experience value, experience calculation formula and conditional calculation formula.It is not difficult to find that different oil supply concepts have different oil supply rules for gear transmissions under the same operating conditions.Therefore, the influence of the smoothness and cooling effect of the gear drive installation (for example: anti-glue ability, anti-pitting ability, vibration, noise and transmission efficiency, etc.) are also different.One of these phenomena is worth pondering, that is, under certain conditions (such as low-speed and small-size transmission), the oil supply amount specified by each oil supply concept is very close, and the smoothing and cooling effects are also very good. More than 90% of the total calorific value can be transmitted from the tooth surface.That is to say, most oil supply concepts can achieve satisfactory smoothing and cooling effects.

2. Under another condition (such as high-speed and large-size transmission), the oil supply prescribed by various oil supply concepts is very different, and some are more than ten times different.The smoothness and cooling effect of the gear teeth are also very different. The amount of oil supplied by some oil supply concepts is less than 30% of the total calorific value that can be transmitted from the tooth surface.This means that the fuel supply has lost its applicable meaning.As the above two phenomena can be clarified, each oil supply concept has certain limitations.The scientific method of evaluating various oil supply concepts has resulted in a disordered state in the selection of the oil supply amount for gear transmission installations.In particular, it has had a bad influence on the design, experiment and application of the current gear transmission installation in our country.

Mechanical parts that transmit motion

1. Many machines are not fixed when they are in use, and their interiors require constant movement to complete the work, and the gear shaft is set inside these moving machines. Without the gear shaft, the mechanical It can't move well, and it can't complete the work that should be done. The gear shaft plays a very important role in the exercise machine.

2. The gear shaft is a wheel-shaped part, and its material varieties are also many, not only limited to metal or other materials, it can be said that as long as there is a suitable operating environment, any material can be manufactured. Toothed axles, but due to the need to transmit the force of movement, the selection of gear shafts is generally made of relatively hard materials, as long as this will not cause too much wear on the gears during constant friction.

3. There are many sizes of it. If it is a more common machine, it can be bought in some spare parts stores, because this type of gear shaft adopts a unified standard, but if some special gear shafts need to be customized.