What equipment is needed for sprocket and gear machining

Sprocketand what equipment is needed for gear processing

1. Generally, ordinary small lathes have average precision. You can also choose a better second-hand lathe. The dimensions of the lathe. If you need to drill the inner hole to the size of the drawing, you need to buy a stopper gauge for the hole, so that the size can be guaranteed when processing the inner hole. Wildcardability

2. Ordinary small planer, creating keyway

3. Gear hobbing machine, (no need for gear shaping machine)

4. Drilling fixed screw holes with a small desktop drilling machine

5. Electric welding machine, some chips are relatively large and need to be processed after welding, saving materials

6. A self-made blackening furnace, if the sprocket requires blackening, the cost is not very large

7.SprocketSome of the teeth are required to be quenched, and you go to the outside for processing at the beginning.

In order to save costs, if the batch is large, it is best to die forging, and the machining allowance is small.