Application range of sprocket supporting products - rack and pinion transmission:

Rack and pinion drive converts rotary motion into linear motion, it has large transmission power, wide speed range, high efficiency, reliable operation, long service life, compact structure, and can ensure a constant transmission ratio.However, such a mechanism can be driven in the reverse direction, that is, the rack moves in a straight line to drive the gear to rotate, which is suitable for large-distance transmission. Locking device, because the rack and pinion mechanism is not self-locking.Moreover, it requires high manufacturing and installation accuracy and high cost, and is not suitable for transmission with too large center distance between two shafts and occasions with large vibration and impact.

Application range of rack and pinion drive:

1. Suitable for fast and accurate positioning mechanism

2. Suitable for CNC machine tools, machining centers, cutting machinery, welding machinery, etc. with heavy load, high precision, high rigidity, high speed and long stroke

3. It is suitable for factory automation rapid transplanting machinery, industrial robot arm grasping mechanism, etc.