Research on the current situation of sprocket processing and the thinking of ordinary milling machine processing sprocket

SprocketProcessing status and ordinary milling machine processingSprocketthinking research

For the processing of sprockets with a fixed structure and a large production volume, it is mostly realized through the design of special machine tools, and the application of special machine tool processing links has high processing efficiency and low cost.However, the design and manufacture of special machine tools are very difficult, and the variety of processed products is relatively simple.With the emergence and application of CNC boring and milling machines, the processing of sprockets with CNC boring and milling machines is of good quality and supports the processing of various structural forms of sprockets, but the processing cost of such sprockets is high.
With practical exploration and discovery, a special chain pocket milling cutter is adopted and a special fixture is designed, which can process the sprocket on an ordinary milling machine.The quality of sprockets processed by ordinary milling machines is good, and it supports the processing of sprockets with different pitch circles. The processing efficiency is good, and the economy is excellent. It can effectively solve the problem of single-piece and small-batch sprocket processing.
The main idea of ​​processing sprockets by ordinary milling machines is based on the current situation of sprocket processing. Professional CNC milling machine design is required for the processing of large and fixed sprockets. Its processing stability is good, but its application also has certain limitations. For example, the design of the special milling machine is very difficult, and the processing type of the product is very simple.This method cannot realize the production of sprockets of specific specifications, and is not suitable for the processing of single sprockets and small batches of sprockets.In order to realize the processing of sprockets by ordinary milling machines, special fixtures should be designed, and special chain pocket milling cutters should be used to process sprockets by ordinary milling machines. The cost is low, and the processing quality and efficiency are better. The overall advantage is obvious.