Stainless steel sprocket: stable transmission for a wide range of applications

SprocketAs the main basic transmission part, the transmission characteristic of the product is to carry out long-distance transmission without response speed ratio.The sprocket cargo has now become an indispensable main machine basic transmission part in the citizen economy, and is widely used in mining machinery, agricultural machinery, fortification machinery, forestry machinery, alcohol chemical industry, active cleaning line and other transmission machinery, visible stainless steel Sprocket goods are widely used.

From the perspective of the development of the stainless steel sprocket business, the standard sprocket will gradually shrink, and the market demand will gradually decline; the demand for non-standard sprocket goods and the market share of the entire sprocket will obviously increase. It should be said that the non-standard sprocket is a development position of the entire sprocket cargo, and its market potential is very large, and there is a broad development prospect.At present, the output of domestic stainless steel sprockets, cones and other transmission parts has ranked among the top in the world, and due to the mobilization of social and economic patterns, the country has gradually changed the production and output of labor and energy and raw material-intensive goods, while machinery Transmission parts such as sprockets belong to this type of goods, which attracts overseas buyers to sell. At the same time, the pace of overseas manufacturers investing in China to establish component companies is also accelerating. Most of their goods are imported, and the other is sold in China. .