Disassembly and assembly of sprockets (automatic sprockets, driven sprockets)

Disassembly and assembly of sprocket

1. Automatic sprocket

The automatic sprocket is connected with the output shaft of the engine in a spline manner, and is fixed with a spline baffle or a nut.When disassembling, the sprocket cover can be removed, the chain can be removed, and the spline stopper or fixing nut can be unscrewed, and the small sprocket can be pulled out.When assembling, proceed in reverse order.

2. Driven sprocket

① Raise the main support frame and lift the rear wheel.

② Loosen the rear axle tightening nut and conditioner nut, and remove the chain case and chain.

③ Disassemble the rear brake lever and pull out the rear wheel assembly together.

④ Remove the bolts, nuts or retaining rings that fix the sprocket, and remove the rear hub or pin bolts of the sprocket.

⑤ When installing, proceed in reverse order.And tighten the sprocket fixing nut or bolt (30-50N.m) and the rear axle nut (50-80N.m) according to the regular torque.