Working principle of special fixture for processing sprocket of ordinary milling machine

Ordinary milling machine processingSprocketThe working principle of the special fixture
In order to ensure that the sprocket parts are processed by ordinary milling machines, the particularity of processing and processing parameters meet the design requirements, it is necessary to designSprocketSpecial jig for processing.In the process of designing the special fixture, the eccentric positioning holes should be set on the surface of the positioning plate, and the setting of the eccentric positioning holes should be based on the left and right relative positioning holes.In the process of setting the eccentric positioning holes, it is necessary to ensure that the center of the hole diameter of the two eccentric positioning holes set in the positioning plate is absolutely coincident with the center of the arc surface generated by the rotation marks of the chain pockets of the sprocket parts to be processed.In addition, by setting two eccentric positioning holes, the connection between the application of the special fixture and the ordinary milling machine is guaranteed to be reliable and stable according to the positions of the positioning holes.