The national standard for sprockets (GB1244-85) has not specified a specific chain

The national standard for sprockets (GB1244-85) has not yet specified the specific sprocket tooth shape, only the maximum and minimum tooth slot shapes and their limit parameters.One of the more commonly used tooth shapes is the three-arc straight-line tooth shape (as shown in the figure on the right).

In the figure on the right, the aa, ab, and cd line segments on the tooth profile are three arcs, and the radii are r1, r2, and r3 in turn; the bc line segment is a straight line segment.

Second, the structure and material of the sprocket

According to the size of the sprocket diameter, the sprocket can be made into integral type, perforated plate type and assembled type (see structure diagram).The axial tooth profile and size of the sprocket should meet the requirements of the national standard GB1244-85.

The material of the sprocket should ensure that the teeth have sufficient wear resistance and strength, and different materials are suitable for different