The geometry and design principles of sprocket teeth

1. The geometry of the sprocket tooth shape: the geometry of the common sprocket has three arcs in a straight line, two arcs in a straight line, two arc convex teeth, one arc in a straight line, and a straight tooth with an offset in the center of the tooth slot. shape and straight tooth shape.

2. Design principles: The sprocket tooth shape design should mainly meet three requirements: meshing requirements, use requirements, manufacturability and precision requirements.

(1) Ensure that the chain can be smoothly meshed in and out without interference.

(2) It has sufficient capacity to accommodate the elongation of the chain pitch.

(3) It has a reasonable action angle.

(4) The tooth profile curve is adapted to the chain drive conditions.

(5) It is beneficial to engage in and prevent the chain from falling off due to chain beating.

(6) The processing technology is good.

At present, the sprocket standard implemented in my country is GBl244-85 tooth shape.