Application of sprocket chain on cart machine

At present, the widely used canning carts in my country's coal mines are mainly electric circular chain carts.This cart uses a high-strength circular chain as the traction mechanism, with simple structure, reliable operation, wear resistance and long service life.The maximum stroke of the currently used cart can only reach the edge line of the cage, which cannot meet the requirements of all working conditions [3].

In the transportation operations using mine carts, for the loading, lifting and unloading of the mine cart, a cart machine is often used to move the location of the mine cart within a short distance, such as pushing the mine cart into, pushing out of the cage or overturning the cart It plays an important role in improving the automation level of mine upgrading and reducing the labor intensity of workers [1].

Trolleys can be divided into the following categories according to where they are used:

(1) The cart set in front of the cage

This type of cart is characterized by pushing one or two mining carts into the cage while simultaneously ejecting the empty carts inside the cage.Therefore, only a small thrust is required, but the action is required to be relatively fast, so as not to prolong the working time of the lifting.Its cart speed is about 1 m/s, while the backward speed is 1.2-1.4m/s.It takes 6-7 s to replace a minecart.

(2) The cart set in front of the dumper

This type of cart is generally used to push the entire train pulled by the electric locomotive without hooks, and one or two heavy mining carts are pushed into the dumper for unloading each time, and the empty mining carts are ejected at the same time. .

(3) Carts installed at the loading station

This type of cart is also used to propel the entire train.The latter two types of carts mentioned above all require a large working thrust, but the cart speed should be small in order to reduce the inertial resistance when the car group starts and stops.The speed of the cart before the dumper is about 0.5 m/s; at the loading station, due to the requirements of the loading work, the mine cart should move slower, so the speed is 0~15 m/s.

According to its structure, the cart can be divided into: (1) There is a traction mechanism, which uses a chain or a steel rope to pull the push claw. (2) There is no traction mechanism, and the trolley with the claw is directly driven by the air and liquid cylinders.

According to the type of energy, it can be divided into electric, pneumatic and hydraulic.According to the different relative positions of the cart and the mine car, it can be divided into descending type and ascending type. At present, most mines use descending type.